Stay Fit for Summer: Trim Your Tush

It only takes two simple moves to firm up your tush. What's the secret? Intervals. Jump and lunge for a well-rounded derriere and toned thighs.

The glutes, your backside, are made up of the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. They help move your hip joint and give you the power to run, jump, squat, walk and do many other daily movements. Doing lower-body intervals make your glutes stronger and more powerful for functional movements.

Interval training helps combat the negative effects from sitting all day and they keep your hip joints functioning properly to perform basic daily moves. They also get your heart rate up, trim fat, and strengthen your muscles quicker than steady-state movements.

Tackle these two exercises a few times a week to help you tighten your buns while blasting fat.

Stay fit for summer

Curtsy Lunge

Start with your feet hip-width apart; tuck your tailbone, engage your core, and roll your shoulders down and back. Step your left foot behind your right, as if you're taking a curtsy bow, and bend your knees. Make sure the front knee does not go over your ankle and the back knee is at a 90-degree angle. Repeat the same movement on the other side.

Jump Squats

Stand tall, feet hip-width apart, tailbone tucked, shoulders down and back. Engage your core and start to squat down. Keep your back straight and arms extended down in front of you. Once your fingertips touch the ground, use your legs, butt and core power to jump up. Lift your arms up over your head to help get you the momentum you need to jump higher. Continue this movement in a fast rhythm. This is the high-intensity interval that will help burn calories and boost your heart rate while sculpting your glutes.

About Stay Fit for Summer

Each week from June 2 to August 29, the Stay Fit for Summer series will offer a creative fitness circuit and healthy recipe to help you maintain your beach body. So get ready for your healthiest summer yet. Warning: You may never want to take your swimsuit off again.

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