Stay Fit for Summer: Crop-Top Core Workout

Believe it or not, your abdominal muscles provide a great deal of support to the human body. They provide function of the trunk, support posture, and manage full-body stability. Strengthening these muscles does more than flattening your belly, it builds a strong body.

Add these two moves to your daily fitness routine to tone your tummy and boost core strength. After a few weeks, you might want to throw on your crop top to show off your strong muscles.

Crop-Top Core Workout

Bicycle Crunches

Lie down on the floor, place both hands behind your head with your chin slightly tucked, and bring your legs up to a tabletop position. Extend your right leg out and bring your left knee toward your chest and you lift your shoulders off the ground. Bring your right elbow up and over toward your left knee. Don't pull on your neck; instead think of connecting your shoulder to your knee while your elbows remain open. Return to start position and then repeat on the other side.

Leg Ups

Lie on the ground, place your hands behind the head, and slightly tuck your chin. Lift your shoulders and legs a few inches off the ground as you engage your core. Keep your shoulders slightly lifted as you raise your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Lower them down so they are a few inches off the ground and then repeat. Make sure to breathe and keep your core engaged.

About Fit for Summer

Each week from June 2 to August 29, the Stay Fit for Summer series will offer a creative fitness circuit and healthy recipe to help you maintain your beach body. So get ready for your healthiest summer yet. Warning: You may never want to take your swimsuit off again.

Pair this workout with our Charred Chicken Watermelon Bites.

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