SpiroFIT: Workout Wherever and Whenever You Want

If you're one of those people who can't ever find time to exercise or is tied down with a full-time job, kids and schedules; look no further and throw your excuses out the door. Welcome to your new favorite workout; SpiroFIT; an online, on-demand, fitness network, right in the comfort of your home or wherever your computer may take you.

SpiroFIT features nine of the best trainers from around the world, all which have their own area of expertise. You can train with them from any online device, which is ideal for anyone that's on-the-go or who travels frequently. The live classes allow you to make a date with yourself and your health.

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From beginner to advanced classes, you can find what works best for you and stick with it, or evolve through each level. Each trainer has something different to offer, whether you want to jump on the Bosu Ball with David Weck or get in touch with your inner yogi by joining Liz Arch. There is something, and someone, for everyone.

SpiroFIT's classes are live, while previously taught classes are indeed archived, so you can always go back and take a class that you missed, or enjoyed. Staying motivated is key to long-term success, but motivation is sometimes hard to maintain.

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Liz Arch, creator of Primal Yoga and a SpiroFIT trainer, said, "Success comes from mental strength and finding your inner warrior. Yoga has helped keep me centered, and balanced, something that I carry with me every day, in what I do and my personal life."

Each trainer is brings something different and beneficial to the fitness table. They all partake in each others classes to broaden their own work, but also to enrich their bodies and minds.

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Stephanie Vitorino, fitness and lifestyle expert and SpiroFIT trainer, said that she enjoys taking her fellow colleagues classes because it's essential to get a full-body workout, whether you choose to do Pilates, weight training or yoga.

SpiroFIT is one of a kind. It's the first ever live HD streaming fitness website and will leave you feeling sweaty, challenged, balanced, and exhausted, all in the comfort of wherever your life takes you.

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