Soak Up the Sun With These 5 Outdoor Activities

With the weather getting nicer you may notice that your local gym is becoming less crowded than it was during the winter. This is because outdoor exercise provides a break from the normal gym routine and gives any workout much needed variety.

If you're interested in taking your workouts outside, then try one of these popular outdoor activities that burn calories and improve strength while you get to soak up some sun.

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Beach Soccer

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics will be the first to feature the popular Brazilian sport of beach soccer. While it may look like all fun and games, the sport takes serious skill due to the difficult terrain it is played on. By playing soccer (or volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and so on) on the beach, you burn more calories due to the resistance of the sand.

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Hill Training

If you think that running on an incline on a treadmill is challenging, you should try taking your cardio out on an actual hill. Performing a few sets of hill sprints during or after your normal run will develop lower-body strength and improve your overall speed.

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Rowing and kayaking are perfect activities to do if you are looking to develop a strong upper body, particularly shoulders, back and biceps. If you have access to a creek, pond or lake, you can sign up for classes through a community or private organization.

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If you have grown a fondness for spin class over the winter months, then try taking it outside during the warmer weather. By cycling outdoors, you'll burn more calories faster due to the variations of inclines on your course.

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While it's not as physically demanding as the other activites on this list, gardening is a great way to burn calories while producing something that you can actually use. You can make healthy recipes that support the above outdoor workouts. This includes mowing the lawn. Use a manual mower to get more of a workout from your yard work.

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