Shape Up With Fitwall

Shape up, step up, and tone up with the latest, and hottest, fitness trend: Fitwall.

Fitwall is where high tech and fitness meet. And it's the newest way folks are working on both their cardio and resistance training.

Fitwall, located in San Diego, California, could be the way of the future for fitness and technology. The Fitwall is a heavy duty, metal wall unit that has steps for your feet and for your hands. Think of it like a ladder. On the sides are resistance bands and TRX-like handles for the strength and conditioning portion of the workout. Each class is curated with energetic music; you start on time (cued to the music) and end right at the 40-minute mark (synced with the music).

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The entire Fitwall experience is designed with convenience in mind.

For one, it's a cashless environment. You sign up and pay all online. Once you are all signed up, you're ready to go. Walk into the studio and you'll be amazed with the sleek, fashion-forward feel. Then the coach hands you your peanut (heart-rate monitor), which will be displayed on the iPad that's located on your Fitwall.

As you begin your workout, you're taken through a dynamic warm-up, and then the fun begins. You start climbing and jumping on the wall, which tests your balance, coordination and VO2 Max. It's fast, high-intensity exercises, with short recovery times.

As you work out, keep an eye on your heart rate, which is displayed on the iPad. You can make sure you are pushing yourself in the appropriate training zone to reap all the benefits. Plus, you can monitor your recovery heart rate too. This can help you decide if you need longer breaks. It's an interesting, and eye-opening, way to gauge your heart rate while you train.

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After many chair squats, wall pull-ups, wall hops and more, the time is up. The best part: You get a shot of coconut water and a lavender-infused cold towel. You feel like royalty. It's a nice way to end a fat-burning workout.

Fitwall created this technology, and owns the license to the Fitwall. Coaches are on-hand to help you reach your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight, they will help you hit that goal. If you want to gain speed and agility, they will customize the workout to get you there.

Right now there are two locations in San Diego: La Jolla and Solano Beach. But, Fitwall gyms are in various stages of development in major metropolitan areas. So watch for one in your area.

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