Is a Bootcamp-Workout Routine Right for You?

The Downfalls of Bootcamp

  • Age Restrictive: The Mayo Clinic suggests that you should not start a bootcamp-workout routine if you are over the age of 40, pregnant or have led a sedentary lifestyle for several years. Properly supervised activity can be safe at any age. Be sure you're working with an experienced and qualified trainer before starting a program, regardless of age or experience.
  • Impersonal Instruction: Because of the group nature of bootcamp classes, they are not geared towards your own specific fitness needs. If you have a special condition or personal questions, it's best to seek the services of a personal trainer.

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If any of the downfalls apply to your current situation, there are several different options you can take to get the benefits of a bootcamp-workout routine. Seek out the help of a personal trainer, or smaller group classes that meet your needs and current fitness level.

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