How to Find Friends With (Fitness) Benefits

Benefits of a Buddy

A consistent exercise plan doesn't mean that it needs to be boring. By adding variety to your exercise program, you will stay motivated, perform better, and maintain your health.

Your new workout partner can help inject a little variety into your program. Each week, let your partner pick an activity or exercise to keep your workouts interesting.

A partner can also help lift your spirits when you're in a training slump or you've hit a plateau in your goal to lose weight. Once you've achieved a goal together, your exercise partnership will become even stronger.

For example, several years ago I practiced daily on my dance routine in preparation for a public event. I would set up my gear and practice until I mastered the techniques and steps. Of course, some days were better than others and sometimes my movements weren't on target.

I had a friend who helped me through this period. Every time I performed in costume or at practice and managed to get all of my steps correct, we both felt we accomplished something. I had targeted all of my steps and my friend had helped me get there  and delighted in my achievements.

On those days when you don't meet your goals or expectations, your workout partner will there to not only support you, but find a way to modify an exercise or activity to make it enjoyable and rewarding.

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