How to Exercise During Pregnancy

The benefits of exercise are endless and help you and your baby stay healthy. But, there are some challenges when pregnant and trying to exercise. How is your exercise routine affected because of body changes and pains? Although it's difficult to work out, it's important to continue to exercise throughout your pregnancy to help avoid complications.

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Do whatever you can to include fitness into your daily routine. From short walks to fitness classes, keep exercising like you did before pregnancy. Other exercises may include swimming, modified strength training, running, yoga, or hiking.

As a woman that is 21 weeks into her pregnancy, it's hard to incorporate exercise when tired, nauseous, or adapting to body changes.

Many times the couch looks better than heading to the gym or putting on a swim suit for a water workout after a long day of work.  

It's important to remember that exercise adds energy to your body. From experience, if a workout was skipped, the next day was exhausting. The thought of healthy food was not as appetizing, and mood swings flared up. All of this had to change; the plan was to rethink how to work out. And this is how you can shift your mindset and create a healthy pregnancy.

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Plan A

  • Workout in the morning or afternoon instead of the evening when you're already tired.
  • Plan what days you will do your workouts.
  • Use whatever is available: walking hills, climbing stairs, body-weight exercises or at-home workout DVDs.
  • Schedule your fitness like an actual appointment and hold yourself accountable.

Sometimes schedules change, so make a plan B.

Plan B

  • Keep an extra pair of running or walking shoes in the car. If it doesn't happen in the morning, reschedule it for later in the day.
  • Call someone to meet you at the gym or exercise at home after work.
  • Make your 'excuse' a workout. Did you need to clean the house, do errands, or take care of your pet? Turn that into a workout. Go the extra mile while cleaning, walk to the store instead of driving, park farther away or play with Fido.

Remember, if your workouts don't happen, it's OK. If it doesn't happen one day, plan how and what you can do the next day.

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My workouts are not like they were 22 weeks ago. The exercise I do is based off of how my body feels and not taking energy away from a growing a baby. It has helped in more ways than I could list. It's really helps with my overall energy level, circulation, swelling, mood, and cravings.

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