How to Cut Costs for Your Next Destination Event

Bike Transport on a Budget

Are you planning to fly with your bike or ship it out ahead of time? Check your airline baggage regulations and costs before making your decision. Fitzgerald suggests shipping your bike via FedEx or UPS, which is generally cheaper than taking it with you on the flight. Depending on your bike specifications and preferences, it may also cost less to rent a bike at the event destination.

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Join a Team or Club

Certain organizations such as Team in Training offer provisions for certain travel costs and expenses based on membership and fundraising efforts. Check with your local Team in Training chapter for specific details.

Share a Car, Share a Room

Find carpool or hotel room buddies if you're driving to the event and/or staying the night. Splitting the cost multiple ways will be lighter on your wallet, and the impact of carpooling will be lighter on the environment. Athlete transportation to an event makes up the largest carbon footprint for races.

You can find fellow race participants through friends, local running or triathlon clubs, and among online communities, like Active's. Teaming up with fellow racers will not only save you money, but make for a good bonding experience and new friends.

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Eat Smart

The food you eat affects your body--and your bank account. When traveling, it's easy to slip into unhealthy habits by eating out and snacking on junk food. Unfortunately, race weekend is the worst time to kick your nutrition to the curb. Fitzgerald suggests staying at extended-stay type hotels that have kitchenettes.

"This allows me not only to save money by purchasing and preparing my own food, but allows me to maintain greater control over my diet," Fitzgerald said.

Plan your daily diet before you get to your destination. By doing so, you can avoid impulse eating and save yourself unnecessary spending.

It's possible to keep your training and racing on track even if the funds are low. Travel smart with these tips to enjoy your next destination race without going bankrupt.

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