How to Create an Outdoor Bootcamp

For many people summer means two things: They want to spend every free second outside and they're going to be wearing things like shorts, bathing suits, tank tops and sundresses.

So how do you stay bikini ready and spend time outside? You make your own outdoor bootcamp.

Follow these six steps to stay in shape while you spend time soaking up the delicious summer weather.

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Step 1: Recruit Some Friends

Working out with a buddy or two always helps to push yourself harder—there's no slacking off when people are watching. It also means you can take turns bringing after workout snacks and being the "drill sergeant" who tracks the reps and time while you exercise.

A fun outdoor workout is also a great, healthy alternative to happy hours or BBQ. Plus working out with buddies will help keep you from flaking on your workouts—a huge bonus since hot weather can make you feel sluggish and lazy.

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Step 2: Make a Schedule

Summer weather is beautiful, but it's also hot. Unless you want to do a Bikram bootcamp, pick a time that's in the morning or evening when it's cooler. Exercising when you're hot is hard—and can also be dangerous to your health. Make sure to stay properly hydrated and to listen to your body to avoid overheating.

It also helps to pick a regular time to workout so that it's in your schedule. Picking a schedule will help you and your buddies create a plan and then stick to it.

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Step 3: Scout a Location

Parks make awesome outdoor gyms. Playgrounds are great spots for outdoor workouts. Use the bars and steps as to get a full-body workout.

Hills and stairs also make great fitness obstacles for outdoor training.

Step 4: Find Inspiration

Many workouts you find in magazines or online can be adapted for use outdoors.

You can also do a "round robin" and take turns as the drill sergeant suggesting an exercise for  30 to 60 second blocks to create a circuit. Just remember to alternate body parts (legs, arms, abs...).

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Step 5: Grab Some Equipment

Light hand weights, jump ropes, beach blankets—grab whatever you have lying around to spice up your outdoor workouts.

Step 6: Have Fun

Switch up your workouts to keep you and your muscles from getting bored.

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