5 New Cardio Workouts

Studies show that people who do 30 minutes of cardio most days get fit just as quick as those who exercise longer. So we've got speedy routines that'll make the daily 30 fly.

1: Multitask Firm and Burn Routines

See SELF's Sexy Arms to firm any arm jiggle and torch serious calories and count it as your 30 minutes. All you have to do is add 30 seconds of squat jumps or jumping lunges between each move.

Calories torched: 235 (Based on a 135-pound woman).

And remember: Plan to succeed. There should be no guesswork when it comes to your workouts, so map out a week of routines every Sunday night.

2: Mix It Up On The Treadmill

SELF deputy editor and trainer Meaghan B. Murphy uses an incline to erase fat and tedium. See how she does it by downloading this easy-peasy chart.

Calories torched: 245

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3: Throw Some Punches

Jillian Lorenz and Ariana Chernin, owners of Barre Bee Fit gyms in Chicago, created an exclusive version of their crazy-popular Barre Brawl kickboxing class for SELF:

Warm-up: Jog in place for one minute.

Punch and knee-up: From a squat position, alternate throwing jabs and hooks for 30 seconds. Run in place, driving knees up for 30 seconds. Repeat once.

Hop and high-low: Stand with feet wide, knees soft. Hop in place while speed-bag punching overhead for 30 seconds. Next, plant your feet and alternate punching high, then low, for 30 seconds.

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Shuffle and kick: Front kick with right foot, then left; do two jumping jacks; side shuffle to right and throw a right jab. Repeat on opposite side. Keep it up for two minutes.

Punch and plank jack: From a squat position, throw cross-body punches for 30 seconds. Now drop into a plank, hold position, and jump feet out wide and then back together; continue for 30 seconds. Repeat once. Do entire sequence four times.

Cool down: Jog in place for one minute.

Calories torched: 275

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SELF gives you great advice on being healthy, happy, slimmer, fitter and less stressed.
SELF gives you great advice on being healthy, happy, slimmer, fitter and less stressed.

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