4 Tips to Keep Your Fitness Plan on Track

Consistency will determine the success or failure of a fitness plan more so than any other factor. Other variables may play a role in the short term factor.

Your ability to lose weight and increase your level of fitness will be determined by your steadfast commitment to the plan over an extended period of time. 

You may have made a goal to lose weight, but over time schedules get busy and we seem to have no time to exercise. If you find yourself searching for reasons to skip a workout, use these tips to stay on track.

Plan a Lower Intensity Activity

The thought of doing an easy activity is more palatable than the thought of having to exercise at full intensity, especially when you are already tired.

If you are on the fence, deciding between a nap on the couch or a trip to the gym, a less intimidating work out option may be just the thing that helps you grab the gym bag instead of the blanket. If you usually run, plan a walk. If you sweat at level 10 on the elliptical, reduce it to six.

Shorten Your Workout

A plan to do 90 minutes of cardio doesn't do any good if the only thing that gets completed is the plan. A 20 minute fitness blast may not burn the same number of calories, but it still gets you moving.

Allow yourself the break of a short exercise session. Often getting started is the hardest part of your workout. You may find that once you get moving, you become re-energized and the 90 minute workout happens anyway.

Break Up Your Workout Throughout the Day

If the daily to-do list doesn't even allow for 30 minutes of exercise, break it up into smaller pieces. Instead take a fitness break after completing errands or workplace tasks. Use exercises from a boot camp workout and string together five or 10 minutes of calisthenics. By the end of the day you will have accomplished a total body workout.

Involve Your Family

Your errands might be done, but you may still have family members to care for. Put them to work and involve them in your workout. Go for a walk, hit the slopes or let them visit your gym as a healthy family activity.

A fitness habit is hard to instill but easy to break. Use these tips and honoring your fitness commitment. Keep the ball rolling and spend a few minutes each day staying true to your health.

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Minneapolis Fitness Examiner Malia Frey is a 20 year veteran of the fitness industry having taught fitness, dance, and physical education classes.

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