21 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

Cross the Line

Ever wonder why you were in such great shape during high school? It wasn't just the revved-up metabolism. You were running track, winning medals, and being an all-around superstar. Fitness was a means to an end.

But many of us haven't really clocked in any time on the track since then. Running a race can give you a goal and, each day, your workout will be one small step in reaching it. Finishing a race can give you the passion you need to make exercise a lifestyle.

Mix It Up

If you're like most women, you like routines (manicotti Mondays, sauna Sundays). But strict routines can wreck havoc on your fitness. Doing the same exercises day in and day out can bore both your muscles and your mind. When many women get bored, they just stop.

Try varying your exercise routine on a regular basis. Combine the cardio exercises, strength training, and fitness classes to stay interested.

Have Fun

No matter how many strategies you use, you won't get fit if you aren't having fun. If you don't enjoy traditional workouts, playing sports is a great way to bring back the good 'ole days of gym class.

With many gyms and studios offering cheap classes throughout the year, you can also try your skills at hip-hop dancing, yoga, kickboxing, and Pilates.

Jam Out

Music is a great way to make it over that last hill on the trail. But we can get in a music rut just as easily as we get ourselves into workout ruts.

Dig yourself out by changing up your exercise playlists.

Group Fitness

If you have been working out by yourself for a long time, experiencing group fitness can refresh your health and exercise outlook. Group exercise classes build a sense of community and can make you look forward to hitting the gym.

Online health support groups can also provide motivation and accountability when the going gets tough.

Change Scenery

Go outside once and a while. The white walls of your gym can get monotonous.

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