Make your own 'traction shoes' for slippery winter conditions

For traction on icy streets, place 3/8-inch hex-head screws in the outsoles of ordinary running shoes. Grasp the head of the screw with pliers and twist it into the outsole; after a couple of hard turns, the screw will bite into the material and lodge into place. When the screw-head studs wear down, simply replace them.

More than one kind of mayo
If you buy low-fat mayonnaise with less than 1 gram of fat per tablespoon, you'll save an average of 8 grams of fat over regular mayo.

Anorexia and bone health
Over 90 percent of anorexic women will suffer bone loss, some of it permanent, according to a study in the current Annals of Internal Medicine. Weight was the most significant predictor of bone loss. Taking estrogen, calcium, or vitamin D seemed to have no effect on bone density in these individuals.

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