Fitness Makeover: Advice for overhauling your routine

Are you stuck in a fitness rut, unable to progress toward your goals? Are you coming off an injury and need advice on how to get active again? swim writer Alex Kostich can help you with a Fitness Makeover.

This feature will focus on athletes of varying skill levels and offer advice on how they can better train for, and thus achieve, their personal athletic goals.

A former swimmer at Stanford University, Kostich has stayed strong in the sport at the elite level even while maintaining a day job. The three-time Pan-American Games gold medalist still competes in -- and wins -- numerous open-water races around the world each year, as well as competing in the occasional triathlon and running race.

If you are interested in being the subject of a Fitness Makeover, you can e-mail Alex and describe your situation. Be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached if you're selected.

Fitness Makeover topics include:

Staying fit & healthy when you're pregnant

A solid approach to building running speed

Stay motivated by refocusing your goals

What to do in the off-season?

Fine-tune a diet to fuel your active life

Staying fit while on the road

Setting up a beginner's tri-training plan

Weight-train to build speed, not bulk

Building speed over the long haul

Rising above a fitness plateau

Dealing with rotator-cuff pain

Sticking with your fitness goals

Get ready for masters-level pool racing

Swimming to lose weight

Staying fit when injury takes you out of commission

Battle swim-workout burnout by changing your routine

A checklist for proper swim form

Adding bike and runs skills to swim experience

Training for a 1,500-meter triathlon swim

Stay motivated, focused on your season

Boost your speed by swimming against the clock

Get to a triathlon finish line

Expert offers advice on achieving your swimming goals

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