Accelerate for a great 5K workout

During a three- to four-mile run, accelerate smoothly (no all-out sprinting allowed!) for 100 to 600 yards. Repeat four to six times.

Healthful turkey
As your roast your Thanksgiving turkey, baste it with broth or vegetable juice, which adds flavor. When you baste your bird with drippings, you also add fat.

Diabetes epidemic ahead
As a result of their increasing tendency to obesity, 7 percent of U.S. schoolchildren have three of the risk factors for type II diabetes. Reseachers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill warn that unless U.S. children pursue more physically activity and eat more healthful foods, the nation could face an epidemic of type II diabetes in 10 years.

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Cut your mileage after a marathon, then build up weekly

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