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Whether you’re looking to tackle a new women’s workout challenge, lose stubborn belly flab, boost your running performance, or read the latest information about a wide range of women’s health topics, this guide has the answers.

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Your Marathon Taper Week Nutrition Plan
By Kelli Jennings

You've made it. You've survived the training. You've started to taper. But what should you eat? This plan will break it down so you'll be fueled up fo

Should Women Cyclists Train With Men?
By Gale Bernhardt

For women new to the sport of cycling, finding the right training partners can be a challenge. Is jumping in a male-dominate group ride the way to go?

Men Vs. Women In Endurance Sports
By Steven Munatones

The truth is, men still out perform women in most athletic endeavors, but there is one area where women might be closing the gap.