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The benefits of yoga include injury prevention, stress reduction and muscle strengthening. Use this guide to find the styles and yoga poses that are right for you.

Yoga Articles & Advice

Safety Tips for Backbend Yoga Poses
By Rachel Krentzman PT, E-RYT

Backbends are a powerful yoga move to help open your chest and rib cage. However, backbends can also lead to pain. Learn how to safely practice backwa

How to Do Yoga at Home
By Shape Editors

Interested in yoga, but can't find time to make a class? Use these tips to begin your yoga practice at home.

5 Exercises to Prevent an Ankle Injury
By Kisar S. Dhillon

Hurting your ankle can put a damper on your fitness routine. Before you start your workout, try these five exercises to reduce the risk of injury.

6 Post-Race Yoga Poses
By Laura Waite

Finishing a race is a great achievement, but you're likely to head home aches all over your body. Stretch out the pain with these six yoga poses for a