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August 30 - December 05, 2020

SEC Run to the Playoffs

Where You Want Where You WantGA  30534 Organized by Five Star NTP

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Whether or not you follow football, this FUNs for YOU! Choose your College Team and Race/Run for the week and see if you'll make it to the Playoffs! Join in on one, two, three or ALL of the weeks in our SEC Run to the Playoffs!

Each week you participate, you'll receive a personalized *Finisher Card. Weeks will run from Sunday through Saturday; results finalized Saturday night. Entries submitted afterwards will not have a time on their Finisher Card or have points added towards team totals (you'll still get points towards your overall season).

Each week, we'll tally up points for each College team based on all the Players/Racers overall finishing place & any Team Cheerleaders.

At the end of the 14 weeks we’ll crown a champion school & player. Sign up for all 14 weeks & you'll also receive an awesome shirt! Shirts will start to be made and mailed the week before Aug. 30

Choose to be a Player (racer) or a Cheerleader! Players are in it to WIN it! Cheerleaders are along for the enjoyment and will cheer their team on for the week!

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Where you are

Player/Racer Vs. Cheer Squad/Fan

Choose how you'll want to participate...


  • If you're in it to win it, this is the category you want.
    • You'll get a placing each week.
    • You'll get points based on how you finish (for example...1st out of 225 will earn you 225 points, 225th out of 225 will earn you 1 point)
    • We'll total up all your points over the 14 weeks and the top point earner will be crowned Champion (male & female categories)
    • Your points will also go towards your college team

Cheer Squad/Fan

  • If you're looking for a way to stay motivated and want to enjoy the Fall, without the pressure of being the fastest person on the course, this is the category for you.
    • Time will be recorded and posted each week, but there are no placings.
    • You'll help your college team earn points just by completing the distance. Each cheer squad/fan a college team has will earn that college 1 point.
How are College Team Points Calculated


  • At the end of each week we're going to average all the points earned by a school over all the players that finished, and that will be the teams score.
    • For Example...if there are 5 players who earn a total of 20 points, the college score will be 4.
  • The College with the highest score will be the winner for that week, and we'll be posting those winners up.

Cheer Squad/Fan

  • At the end of each week we're going to total up all of the points (participants) earned by each college. The college with the highest score will be crowned with the best fan base. So the more people participate, the better the chances.
  • We'll total up all the points over the course of the season, and then crown an overall winner for the fans.
    • The season fan score will be based on the placing each week, NOT a totaling of all the fans. The college that places 1st will receive 14 points for the week.
Finisher Cards

Each week we'll be printing custom finisher cards. They will be themed after the school that we're racing at for the week, and they'll have each participants stats for the week. Times must be submitted by 9 PM on Saturday.


If you are part of the weeks winning team, your card will be stamped as the weekly winner. We're going to do the same for the season's winner.

How to submit your Time

Run any day or time from Sunday through Saturday; your time needs to be submitted before 9 PM Saturday to be counted for the TEAM & on your Finisher Card.

Make sure you choose the Team you're running for the week & indicate if your running as "Player" or as the "Cheer Squad".

Submit your time here: SEC Run to the Playoffs 10K


August 30 - December 05, 2020

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Where You Want Where You WantGA  30534

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