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Couple+running+together article
Periodization: The 4 Phases of Training

Have you ever heard that you need to "periodize" your triathlon training? Here, Active Expert Gale Bernhardt explains what that actually means.

Qualify for Kona at an Ironman 70.3

Do you have what it takes to race in Kona? Test your limits at one of these five Ironman 70.3 events. Each race offers 28 spots to the Ironman World C

Underwater swimmer
3 Workouts to Improve Your Swim

The winter months are an ideal time for triathletes to improve swim technique. These workouts will help you focus on form, balance and feel for the wa

Foot+on+a+bicycle+pedal article
A Breakdown of the Cycling Pedal Stroke

Pedaling a bike is more than clipping in and letting the circular mechanics of the chain ring and crank arm do the work for you. Riders need to direct

Ramp up training
3 Rules to Ramp Up Your Training

Are you anxious to kick things up a notch in preparation for spring? Follow these rules and workouts to increase your training miles safely and effect