Wetsuit Basics for New Triathletes: What You Need to Know

In the early days of triathlon, a wetsuit was an optional piece of equipment. But more and more, it is becoming a required piece of equipment for most races.

You're probably asking: Do I really need a wetsuit? Will a wetsuit make me faster? Like most answers, it depends on a few factors. Overall, when the water is cold and you want to be competitive, the answer is a resounding yes. But novice swimmers in open-water conditions may struggle with a wetsuit, potentially causing more problems than they solve.

Certain body types will benefit more from a wetsuit than others. Athletes' bodies will naturally either sink or float in the water. For those who struggle to stay on the top of the water, a wetsuit adds buoyancy and is a beneficial tool. For those who have a high body position, the wetsuit can potentially put them too high in the water, making it difficult to get propulsion.

Here are a few basic ideas to help you find the right wetsuit for you and your race conditions:

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