Strength Training for Long Course Triathletes

While the sport of triathlon revolves around an individual's endurance and stamina, neglecting strength training can be the difference in a PR and a DNF.

From a personal training perspective, working with triathletes on strength training can be tough. There are many days these clients have low levels of energy to put toward their strength plan, or they are in the middle of intense endurance training that leaves them with little time to devote to anything else.

There is no blanket approach to strength training because there are so many variables: age, recovery time, upcoming races, experience, time and family/work commitments. Triathletes should aim for one to two strength-training sessions per week, keeping these sessions less than 45 minutes.

By only completing two sessions per week, this allows the body to recover for the next training session, whether it focuses on endurance or strength. During strength sessions, targeting the larger muscle groups (glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, chest and back) will provide the biggest bang for your buck.

Because triathletes often have demanding training schedules, there are some days your body may not have much to give. Don't be afraid to take the day off or lighten up the intensity of the strength training session.

Here are some best exercises triathletes should practice:

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