How to Improve Your Triathlon Running Form

There is no exact science that specifies perfect running form. Each human body is made differently and running styles vary.

Good running style involves a mix of leg, arm and torso movements so that you move with optimal mechanical efficiency. For example, good form requires the correct combination of stride length and frequency. Good form looks smooth and relaxed. Having good running economy means you are able to run at a certain speed using less oxygen.

A good running style doesn't guarantee improved running performances because fitness also plays an important part in running faster over long periods. We do know, however, that "bad" form detracts from improving one's performance.

There are top professional triathletes all around the world who run well even though they have less than desirable form. My response to this is: How much faster could they go if they improved their form?

Although we all have an innate running style, we can change that to improve running economy and become more efficient. Similar to changing your swimming technique or cycling cadence, you know that with cognitive thinking and practice, your body's nervous system can adapt to change.

It is not easy to do it on your own. It is best to have a coach critique your form on a regular basis and to have running style videotaped so you can visually see what needs to be corrected. Over a period of time, and with practice, you can visually see yourself change.

Let's break it down by body part.

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