How to Build a Swim Training Plan for Triathlon Endurance

Getting into a routine can be a great thing. Routines provide consistency, the mental ease of knowing what to expect and the familiarity most of us crave. Is your swimming routine precisely that—a comfortable norm that has stayed the same for some time now?

Where’s the challenge and growth in that?

Instead, I’d like to present a few ideas on how to break out of the mold. If the name of the game is endurance, as it is for most triathletes, it’s important to approach swimming methodically and purposefully.

Start by establishing a baseline of your current fitness and consider a specific goal you’re working toward. You should base your cumulative training distance and endurance sets on which distance you’re training for. Regardless of your current weekly yardage, it's important to understand that adding distance should be done slowly and very intentionally so as to prevent injury or burnout.

Using a 10 percent rule is tried and true, meaning you should increase your weekly yardage by no more than 10 percent from the previous week. To take it a step further, explore a micro view of your training sets, build the distance progressively and define the different focus you should have during each session to maximize the trajectory towards your goal.

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