How to Be a Good Race Sherpa

Athletes are nervous creatures, especially in the days leading up to the race. Before every race I go through the five stages of grief trying to manage my emotions. It doesn't seem possible the race is so soon. I get mad that the swim won't be wetsuit legal or that the bike leg has too many hills. Then I tell myself, "If you make it through this race alive, I can have the biggest ice cream sundae known to man." Finally, the depression sets in. I'm not ready, and I'm going to fail before I make it through the swim. But the person who finally gets me to accept my race date is approaching and helps get me to the line in top form is my husband, the ultimate race Sherpa.

A race sherpa is a dependable friend or family member that helps shapes the race experience for us by providing support, guidance and logistics. Though every athlete is different, these five tips will help you be the best sherpa come race day.

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