7 Swim-Free Ways to Become a Stronger Swimmer

Improving your stroke doesn't just happen in the water—it also happens in the weight room. Many endurance athletes, particularly triathletes who already spend a lot of time training, don't have experience lifting weights. While it can be intimidating to use free weights at your local gym, there are many benefits that come with improving your strength, such as better technique, posture and confidence.

The right exercises can also make you a faster swimmer because they train you to become more economical with your stroke. Spending time on mobility exercises will help maintain the health of your shoulders.

For time-strapped triathletes, strength training doesn't have to be lengthy to be effective. Keep the exercise selection small and master 2 to 3 lifts. The goal is to add 2 to 5 pounds more weight each week until you or your coach feels you have adequate strength during racing season. The following exercises will make you a better swimmer.

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