6 Exercises for Stronger Glutes and a Better Performance

We could talk about the core all day long, and most people would think we are only speaking of the abdominals. Your core is actually your whole trunk—from shoulders to pelvis—anything that provides stability for your limbs to function at their fullest without overloading connecting joints like the hips, shoulders and head. One muscle group that’s crucial for optimal function and power in your core are your glutes.

Weak glutes can lead to back, hip and knee pain, as well as injuries. If you sit for the majority of your days, more than likely your hip flexors are weak and short, and your glute muscles are literally clumped together and inactive. When we move from that position into an active training state, we work in a state of inefficiency, using poor mechanics.

Optimizing the glutes opens the door for better body positioning, increased comfort and lasting power. Think of running faster and longer. Think of being more stable and efficient on the bike. Think of swimming with a stronger and more fluid leg kick.

Try these six exercises to develop and optimize your glute power.

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