5 Questions to Ask Yourself This Offseason

This time of year might feel like downtime, but it is deceivingly important for triathletes. A triathlon offseason is a golden opportunity to let your body recover from what might have been a demanding race season, take stock of where you stand and what you want to accomplish, and use that information to plan for the upcoming season.

For most people, the triathlon offseason begins as soon as the last race of the year is complete and sometime before the intensity picks up again for the following season, so very generally speaking it is the period from September (unless you did a late Ironman) through February or March.

So what are some things you can be doing during this period to help make it as productive as possible for the upcoming triathlon year? Only you can come up with the exact answers based on your situation. To get you started, though, here are five questions to ask yourself as you start to focus on your goals for the coming year.

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