10 Training Habits That Might Be Holding You Back

Triathlon is a lifestyle and training is a huge part of who you are. You get up early, work out at lunch, and have training equipment in your car. You were recently voted "most likely to not go out because of a morning workout" by your friends and colleagues. You debate lane etiquette on Twitter and have an impressive display of witty bumper stickers. You are a triathlete.

But while all our training constitutes 95 percent of the journey, we train because we race. We don't judge our year by how well that Open Water Swim went on July 9, rather we remember our races as the place in which we put our fitness to the test and earned a result.

There's just one problem: Race day is about execution, not fitness.

Unfortunately a great race is made up of a ton of different elements, the intersection of which is the ultimate performance. And while training is important, it's not the only arbiter of a good race.

If you are on the quest for that elusive outstanding performance, here are Endurance Nation's top 10 reasons why you are most likely undermining your own ability to perform at your peak.

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