Breaking Down Softball Scholarships

Thousands of young women every year take their skills on the softball diamond and turn it into a college scholarship.

The whole recruiting process isn't as simple as waiting at home for the coaches to call. Being proactive is key--filling out questionnaires, putting together a highlight video and getting in touch with coaches all go a long way in getting a scholarship.

It also pays to be on top of the recruiting game, and being informed is the quickest way to figuring it all out. Here is a breakdown of college softball scholarships to give you a better understanding of what's out there:


How Many Schools: Division I softball consists of 335 programs across the nation. Programs like Arizona and UCLA are consistent powers.

Scholarship Count: Softball programs at the Division I level have 12 scholarships to work with.

Scholarship Breakdown: Both full and partial scholarships are common at the Division I level.


How Many Schools: There are 269 Division II schools that sponsor softball.

Scholarship Count: Division II softball programs can offer aid equal to 7.2 scholarships.

Scholarship Breakdown: Due to roster sizes noticeably larger than scholarship allotments, partial scholarships are the most common form of grants awarded.


How Many Schools: There are 408 Division III schools that sponsor softball.

Scholarship Count: Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships.

Scholarship Breakdown: Though athletic scholarships aren't possible, it is possible to play softball and receive an academic scholarship to help with costs.

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