Breaking Down Softball Scholarships


How Many Schools: NAIA has 209 schools that play softball.

Scholarship Count: Softball programs at the NAIA level have 10 scholarships to distribute.

Scholarship Breakdown: Scholarships can be--and often are--partial rides. Students with high academic standards can receive aid that doesn't count toward the program's limit.


How Many Schools: 155 Division-I junior colleges play softball.

Scholarship Count: NJCAA allows for 24 softball scholarships per team.

Scholarship Breakdown: With a large number available, NJCAA scholarships often are full rides.


How Many Schools: 135 jucos play Division II softball.

Scholarship Count: Like Division I, there are 24 scholarships per team in Division II.

Scholarship Breakdown: The difference is that Division II scholarships cover only tuition, fees and books--common with commuter schools.

NJCAA Division III

How Many Schools: 68 schools play NJCAA Division III softball.

Scholarship Count: Like NCAA Division III, schools at the Division III junior-college level do not offer athletic scholarships.

Scholarship Breakdown: Athletic scholarships aren't available, but playing softball at this level could be appealing because of the low cost of a junior-college education.

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