Why Running Resolutions Fail

You know the drill. After a decent amount of holiday indulgence, the calendar flips to the next year and suddenly—filled only with the best of intentions—you feel compelled to transform into the ultimate runner. This year is your year, you reason. It’s time to tackle those running goals once and for all. New year, new goals, new you…right?

The process of setting goals and resolutions seems to be hard-coded somewhere deep within us, as we continuously reset well-meaning objectives with the start of each new year. Yet, we often set goals in haste and are quickly disappointed when we fail to achieve what we set out to accomplish. It is estimated that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions have been cast aside by February.

To make sure you end up in the successful 20 percent, you should understand why most running-related resolutions fail—and steps you can take to keep your own goals on track.

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