How to Run Faster

Woman Running Fast

How to Run a Faster 5K

Once you feel like you're just about ready for your 5K, it's time to start paying closer attention to your time. Try these six tips to run your next 5K faster.
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Legs Running 10K on Track

How to Kill Your 10K PR: Focus on Getting Faster

Every fit person should be able to dramatically improve their 10K time, says Slowtwitch publisher Dan Empfield. This two-part series shows you how to take aim at your 10K PR, and bring it down.
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Marathon Runners Crossing the Finish Line

How to Run a Faster Marathon

Speed up your next marathon with these tips to run fast and far, including sample threshold and long run workouts.
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Woman Running Quickly

How to Run Faster Every Day

Incorporating speedwork into your training can improve form, build strength and provide a break from workout monotony.
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Man Running Speed Drills

How to Run Faster With Less Work

Train to run faster without piling on the miles or adding more workouts. Here's a fresh look at what you can do to work smarter.
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Woman Running on Track

7 Ways You Can Run Faster in Your Next Race

If you run the same pace and distance all the time, you'll never improve. Mix it up and run faster with these seven practical tips.
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