7 Ways You Can Run Faster in Your Next Race

Most runners run the same schedule every week, month and year. Every time they lace up their shoes, it's the same distance, at the same pace, for the same number of runs per week. No wonder so many runners don't improve.

Instead, there are many ways you can upgrade your running, improve your training, and get faster. These seven practical tips will help you to run faster in your next race.

Run Fast More Often

To run fast, you have to run fast. Sounds intuitive, doesn't it? But many runners aren't running a fast workout every week and that's a big mistake. Consistently running fast is one of the best ways to improve.

If you don't run a faster workout every week, start this week by doing an easy fartlek workout like six repeats of 1 minute at a hard pace and 2 minutes of easy jogging in between as recovery.

Already run a weekly fast workout? Make it two.

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10 Minutes, Every Day

A little bit of strength work goes a long way. Dedicate at least 10 minutes after your run for a runner-specific strength workout.

You'll improve your running form, become more efficient—especially late in a race when you're tired—and it will also help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

This is also critical part of injury prevention for runners.

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Run Long Every Week

Most runners think of speed when they want to get faster. But for beginner and intermediate runners, endurance is the real key to improving race times.

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