An Ideal Summer Post-Workout Routine

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Summer brings a plethora of opportunities for fresh air and fitness. Health enthusiasts often take their workout routines to the outdoors. However, the spike in the temperature during warm-weather months can make those workouts and recovery even more challenging, as compared to the fitness routine carried out in mild or cool temperatures.

As with all workouts, you need to replenish your body with the nutrients lost during exercise to refuel and rebuild the muscles. Recovery after vigorous workouts makes a difference in how well you can perform during your next workout. High temperatures don't have to get in the way of your workout routine, but make healthy hydration and recovery even more important.

Cooling down after a workout is as significant as your training. If you want to continue making progress and reduce any chance of injury, following a post-workout routine is essential. Remember the real magic happens after you sweat!

A post-workout routine not only aids faster recovery but also shows desired results at a faster pace. Before you gear up for your next summer workout, plan to take care of your body by following these four warm-weather recovery tips from PRO Compression.

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Just like a car can't run without oil, your body can't run without water. Hydration plays an important role in any fitness routine, so you need to ensure your body is properly hydrated as you're sweating it out. Water helps in regulating body temperature, makes up for the fluid lost due to sweating or hot temperatures and expedites the recovery process. In simple words, keep sipping water before, during and especially after a workout. Also, consider supplementing with electrolytes and fast-burning carbs for fueling longer sessions.

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Summer Superfoods

Post-workout nutrition is equally important, as you need to refuel your body after a rigorous fitness session. You don't need a full-fledged meal for reenergizing, but a combination of carbohydrates and protein should suffice. Cherries, watermelon, blueberries, kiwi, cucumber, peaches, beets, eggs and sweet potatoes are some healthy options that are in season during summer months. A smoothie or a salad makes for a tasty post-workout meal.

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Arm and Calf Compression Sleeves 

Recent research suggests that compression sleeves for arms and lower legs help muscles recover after exhausting exercise by increasing blood circulation. It does this by applying pressure around the arms and legs to augment optimal blood flow and circulation to and from the limbs. This helps in flushing out the toxins and refueling the energy-depleted blood cells by carrying the right nutrients and chemical compounds to tissues, which keeps the muscles warm, helps relieve pain and reduces inflamed joints by increasing blood flow to the source.

Arm and calf sleeves can also be used during a workout as a support system or preventative measure to align muscles and joints and avoid overextension and unnatural movements. Compression arm and calf sleeves keep your body temperature regulated by drawing moisture away from your skin. This helps athletes stay at an optimal temperature during and after warm-weather workouts and can even double as UV protection. Unlike sunscreen, which lasts only two to four hours, these sleeves will keep your arms and lower legs protected as long as you're wearing them.

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Cold Shower

Cold water therapy can stave off post-workout soreness and help your body recover more quickly. When you're overheated after a workout, a cold shower helps bring your body temperature back to baseline. Make it a part of your post-workout ritual as cold showers make you feel better mentally and physically.

As cheesy it may sound, the workout is the easiest part of exercise. What you do before and after a workout also plays a big role in your progress and results, so set yourself up for success from start to finish.

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