15 Reasons Running is Better Than Cycling

The sun is shining; the air is crisp—an absolutely perfect day to be outside. A sea of runners trot leisurely along a bustling shared-use path in the park, occasionally dodging a dog or errant child, but otherwise unimpeded thanks to the inherent versatility and modest rate of speed that accompanies the act of running.

Meanwhile, of course, as we runners cruise along, enjoying our playlists and podcasts, we all share a similar thought: “It must really suck to try to navigate all of this on a bike.”

The runner versus cyclist debate is a non-starter. One is convenient, the other is not. One is expensive, the other is not. One is annoying. The other? Well, you see where this is going.

Are there benefits to cycling? Sure. Do road races look kind of rad? Absolutely. But we’re about to ignore all of the positive aspects of the sport in a (tongue-in-cheek) effort to make running look vastly superior.

So, lace up—or, um, clip in.

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