Your How to Guide for Outdoor Sports

How to Get Started in 10 Outdoor Activities

Nothing gets you more amped to play than watching other people have all the fun. Go from spectator to athlete with this beginner's guide to outdoor sports.

Rock Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be intimidating. The gear, the lingo and the climbing culture in general make the sport seem unfriendly to newcomers. Here are a few tips for getting started.


Bouldering Basics

It may be more down to earth than mountain climbing, but bouldering will give you the same top-of-the-world feeling of accomplishment and a great workout to boot.

Kayaking Tips

Kayaking 101: Keep Your Skirt on and Go in a Straight Line

Travel writer Doug Lansky introduces you to kayaking on a wet 'n' wild trip with the no-nonsense instructors at the Cascada kayaking school in Pucon, Chile.

Fly Fishing Tips

Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

If you're a fly fishing rookie but don't want to look like one, hone your skills with these tips before you head out on your first trip.

Whitewater Rafting

Gearing Up for a Whitewater-rafting Adventure

You can stay warm and enjoy every minute of a wet whitewater adventure if you bring the right combination of high-performance apparel. Here are some tips on how to arrive at the boat launch prepared.

10 Steps to Start Running

10 Steps to Start Running

Jeff Galloway will turn your curiosity into a running reality with these 10 tips to get you moving.

Trail Running

Tips for Running Trails

Looking to take your running off road? Check out these 10 tips before hitting the trails.

Bike Handling Skills

6 Bike Handling Drills

Most cyclists take handling skills for granted. By practicing these drills in a controlled environment, you'll become a faster and safer cyclist.

Basic Mountain Bike Skills

Basic Mountain Bike Skills

While only lots of riding, great fitness and endless bailouts into the bushes will make you the hottest rider on the block, here are some basic skills that every aspiring mountain biker should know.

Sports Photography Tips

5 Tips for Quick-motion Photography

Like watching more than participating? Practice shooting Teva events with these tips in mind and you'll be a step ahead when it comes time for the photography competition.

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