GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear: Revolutionizing Waterproof Technology for Runners

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Waterproof GORETEX lining

As spring approaches, the weather becomes unpredictable, and outdoor conditions may include puddles and mud on trails, roads, and sidewalks. The inconvenience of navigating these obstacles can now be a thing of the past, thanks to GORE-TEX's groundbreaking technology – GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear. While the concept of waterproof shoes is not novel, the ability to combine waterproofing with breathability represents a remarkable achievement.

The GORE-TEX Difference:

GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear emerges as a game-changer for runners seeking dry and comfortable feet during their runs. Unlike traditional shoe constructions, this waterproof technology is seamlessly laminated to the shoe upper, creating an imperceptible yet effective layer. The result is a durable waterproof membrane that remains virtually "invisible" in the shoe’s construction without compromising its fit and feel.

Key Advantages:

Elimination of Wrinkles and Folds: Integrating GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear into the shoe upper eliminates added bulk, wrinkles, and folds, reducing pressure points and enhancing overall comfort during extended runs.

Reduced Weight and Faster Drying: Shoes featuring Invisible Fit Footwear technology offer decreased weight, minimal water absorption, and quicker drying times. This feature allows runners to confidently navigate muddy trails and face inclement weather without the burden of waterlogged footwear.


Benefits at a Glance:

  • Durable waterproof-breathable and windproof
  • Unparalleled comfort without compromising fit and performance
  • Same fit and feel as non-waterproof running shoes
  • Elimination of wrinkles and folds for a true-to-size forefoot area
  • No stitches, pinch points, or ankle irritations
  • Complete forefoot freedom of movement for superior climate comfort
  • Reduced weight – the lightest technology in the GORE-TEX brand's running shoe lineup
  • Decreased water pick-up and faster drying times

Shoe Companies Utilizing This Technology Today:

  • Nike - Road & Trail Running Shoes
  • Brooks - Road & Trail Running Shoes
  • HOKA - Road, Trail, Hiking, & Lifestyle Shoes
  • Salomon - Trail Running & Hiking Shoes

Sustainability Initiatives:

In a commitment to sustainability, GORE introduces a new bluesign® approved GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear laminate version. Comprising 70% recycled content and an undyed face textile, this environmentally conscious option reduces water waste, chemical usage, and carbon footprint.


GORE-TEX Invisible Fit Footwear marks a paradigm shift in waterproof technology for runners, offering a unique blend of durability, breathability, and comfort. This innovative solution empowers runners to confidently face diverse weather conditions. As GORE continues to lead in pioneering advancements, the Invisible Fit Footwear technology reflects their unwavering commitment to excellence in the running community. When searching for your next pair of shoes, consider the remarkable advantages offered by this cutting-edge technology.