Spotlight: Yellowstone National Park

What Delaware is to states and "Dr. No" is to James Bond flicks, Yellowstone is to U.S. National Parks. While our nation's national parks have grown to 59 awe-inspiring landscapes across numerous states and territories, only one national park has the distinction of being the first. And, not only is this massive park in the northwest corner of our nation's most sparsely populated state the oldest, but with its iconic Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone is also one of the most widely known and popular of all U.S. national parks.

Established as a national park by Congress over 150 years ago, this breathtakingly beautiful park encompasses over 3,500 square miles—nearly 2.25 million acres—of rugged peaks, wide valleys, surging rivers, thick forests and, of course, steaming geysers. It is the wildland home to grizzly bears, bison (often called "buffalo"), elk, wolves and a large number of other animal species.

The park takes the 3.25 million annual visitors across a land that could seem almost alien in its primitive landscape. Yet, Yellowstone is the quintessential destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors, abundant wildlife, pristine wilderness areas, excellent camping, fishing, hiking and more.

If you're planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park, be sure to reserve your campsite now.

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