Outdoor Lovers: Fight Seasonal Depression After Setting Clocks Back

Start Planning a Trip

If you're the type of outdoor adventure lover with a slight (or severe) proclivity for seasonal depression, Daylight Savings can be difficult. Not only is the weather cooling down but watching the sun set so early can feel downright dismal.

Brighten your mood by organizing a warm-weather trip for some time this winter. Pick a destination where you can get outside and enjoy the things you love in a warm, hot or exotic locale. Think Hawaii, Florida, the Gulf, Southern California or even go international. Whether it's a long weekend or two weeks, it'll give you something happy to look forward to.

You Can Still Enjoy the Down Time

If you've gone hard all summer and fall or you?want to?put all of your energy into hitting the mountain as soon as winter is in full effect, use this time to give your body a chance to relax. Use your evenings to cook, watch some movies, or realign yourself and take some indoor yoga classes. Taking a breather?may make?you feel recharged.

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Christina Scannapiego is the Outdoors editor for Active.com.
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