Olympians Take Time Out: Heather Corrie

As the oldest member of the U.S. Canoe/Kayak team, Heather Corrie brings experience and wisdom to the team. Corrie, who is originally from Great Britain, competed for the U.K. for most of her career. She is currently riding the wave of her gold medal performance in K-1 slalom at the 2008 Pan American International.

Before the Games, Corrie took some time out to tell Active.com about life as an Olympian.

What's on your iPod playlist?
I have just downloaded the soundtrack for "Juno."

What helps you unwind after a hard day of practice/training?

What's one thing about being an Olympic athlete that would surprise most people?
I like chocolate.

What's a typical training meal?
A banana sandwich.

What are you most looking forward to at the Games?
The race. The whitewater course that has been built in Beijing is really challenging and fun.

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