Mountainsmith Modular Hauler 3 System Deluxe Review

Sherri Luker of Calhoun, Georgia

The Modular Hauler was reviewed by experienced RV camper Sherri Luker of Calhoun, Georgia.

Q: How many times have you used your Modular Hauler 3 Storage System during the test period?
A: I used the Hauler once during an RV trip.

Q: Did the Modular Hauler 3 help keep everything organized?
A: Yes, I used the color-coded cubes and clear label sleeves to organize all my camping equipment.

Q: Do you believe this would be a useful item to have on a camping trip?
A: Yes, it is a very spacious organizer that allowed me categorize all my outdoor equipment.

Q: Did you use the tie-down loops to help keep the Modular Hauler 3 secure in your vehicle?
A: Yes, the loops kept everything secure while we were driving.

Q: Was the Modular Hauler 3 easy to store?
A: Yes, I was able to tuck it away at the back of our RV once we emptied the cubes.

Q: What did you store in the cubes?
A: I stored wood blocks for the camper in the first cube, sports gear in the second cube and camping supplies in the third cube.

Q: Did all the cubes fit in the Modular Hauler 3 once they were full?
A: Not at first, but with some proper maneuvering I managed to get the overfilled cubes to fit.

Q: What was the Modular Hauler's best feature?
A: Definitely the color-coded cubes. It allowed me to keep all my items organized based on functionality.

Q: Would you recommend the Modular Hauler?
A: Yes, because it can be used for more than just a camping trip.

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