Mountainsmith Dog Pack Review

Submitted by Claudene Bloom

Q: What type of dog do you own?
A: I own a Black Lab. His name is Kyser.

Q: How large is your dog?
A: He is a large dog. He weighs 114 pounds and stands about 27 inches at the shoulders.

Q: How many times did your dog use the kit during the test period?
A: We used it twice. It will be very handy on all of our planned camping trips as well as the long walks we go on.

Q: Did you find this pack to be useful?
A: Yes, it was great. Kyser was able to carry his own stuff (and some of my belongings as well)

Q: Did you like the mesh pocket on top of the pack for storing the leash?
A: Yes, I liked that feature a lot. It's great for dogs that are trained to be leash-free. I also used that pocket for my cell phone when Kyser was wearing his leash.

Q: Was the pack easy to put on your dog? Was it easy to adjust?
A: Yes it was very easy. The straps are large enough and handle with ease. I've never had a pack of any kind on my dog, but it must have been very comfortable for him because he didn't fuss at all.

Q: Did you use the two zippered pockets with rain flaps? What did you store in the pockets?
A: Yes I did. I put water, a dish, some of his toys and of course bags for clean up, but I had to make sure both pockets had the same amount of weight. At first I put too much on one side and the pack slipped a little bit. As soon as you evenly distribute the weight, it's fine.

Q: Did you find the internal valuable pockets a useful feature?
A: Absolutely. I put my keys and some money in that pocket.

Q: What was the best feature on the kit and why?
A: The large pockets: They have a lot of room in them and hold tons of stuff--mine and Kyser's.

Q: Would you recommend this product to fellow campers who own a dog? Why?
A: Yes, it's very handy for walks and hikes. I used to have to carry water, his toys and bags but now he can.
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