Mountainsmith Dog Pack Review

Internal pockets keep your valuables safe.
Submitted by Suzette Vreeland of Union Springs, New York

Q: What type of dog do you own?
A: Yellow Labrador Retriever

Q: How large is your dog?
A: 85 pounds, 26 inches high, 42 inches long (not including the tail)

Q: How many times did your dog use the kit during the test period?
A: Three times.

Q: Did you find this pack to be useful?
A: Yes, useful and fun.

Q: Did you like the mesh pocket on top of the pack for storing the leash?
A: Yes, although our dog doesn't usually walk on a leash.

Q: Did you use the D-ring attachment point for a leash?
A: Yes. It was very secure.

Q: Was the pack easy to put on your dog? Was it easy to adjust?
A: Even though our dog doesn't like standing still, the pack was fairly easy to put on and adjust.

Q: Did you use the two zippered pockets with rain flaps? What did you store in the pockets?
A: We took a walk down to the village and picked up the mail. The pocket was very handy and the mail fit perfectly. I'm sure there are a number of things you can store in these pockets--there is a ton of room.

Q: Did you find the internal valuable pockets a useful feature?
A: Yes, I stored my keys and wallet in them.

Q: What was the best feature on the kit and why?
A: All around it seemed to be pretty comfortable for the dog to wear, and the storage compartments are well thought out. It's great for both the dog and the owner.

Q: Would you recommend this product to fellow campers who own a dog? Why?
A: For those who like to hike with their dogs, I would recommend it. It comes in handy as long as you don't overload it. It's perfect for a morning hike or an afternoon walk.

Additional Comments:
The idea of this pack is really great. I felt my personal belongings were secure in the inside pockets. Getting past the dog to get to valuables or to even get the pack off is unlikely. The mesh pockets on top are also good for carrying wet items or dog toys that are dirty.
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