Gear Review: The Wolverine Terrain Low

The Gear

The Terrain Low from Wolverine is a low-cut, waterproof trail shoe that employs the company's new Individual Comfort System (iCS) technology.

The upper is comprised of Waterproof Wolverine? performance nubuck suede and mesh with a wave mesh lining. The shoe features a removable full-cushion EVA with stabilizer heel cup and gel forepart pad. The Terrain Low also has an EVA/rubber with TPU arch and heel support outsole, great for hiking.

The Test

The new individual comfort system has generated a lot of interest. Essentially, the iCS is an adjustable heel disc that allows you to choose between a firmer or more cushioned step. The disc also has settings that allow for more outer or inner foot support, depending on your tendency to overpronate or supinate. The disc has notches that let you combine or isolate preferences as well. So it is possible to set the individual comfort system to cushioned inner support, firmer inner support, neutral cushion, neutral firmness, etc.

I was skeptical but excited to try out Wolverine's new iCS technology. The system was rather intuitive. I first tried each setting for one walk around the block and found differences to be subtle or barely discernable at best; with the most noticeable difference between firm and cushioned. However, the nuances of the settings were much more apparent after wearing the shoes all day in one setting, then rotating accordingly.

The Terrain Low performs exceptionally well as a trail shoe, with comfort and quality of construction. Also, the fact that Wolverine offers wider sizes really helped me get a perfect fit. If there is room for improvement anywhere it would be in the sole. I found the traction to be average, and I would personally like slightly deeper lugs.

The Bottom Line

The Terrain Low from Wolverine is a very comfortable and well constructed trail shoe. The individual comfort system (iCS) provides subtle, but useful customization options that become more noticeable (and appreciated) the longer I wear them.

Terrain Low features and specs:

  • Wolverine? performance nubuck suede with mesh overlays
  • Wave mesh lining
  • Waterproof
  • Removable full-cushion EVA with stabilizer heel cup and gel forepart pad
  • iCS? midsole
  • Cement construction
  • EVA/rubber outsole
  • Weight : 17 oz
  • Price: $140

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Test out the Individual Comfort System on your next hike.

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