Eureka Tent, Fan and Power Pak Review

Nick Landman of Orlando, Florida

If you don't exactly like to rough it while outdoors, or you just need a base camp to recharge your camera after a long day, the Eureka N!ergy 1310 tent has three, 12-volt plugs to power all your accessories.

While your electronics are powering up, make yourself comfortable. This tent includes two large mesh vents to give you maximum air flow on warm nights. When it's time to sweep out your tent at the end of your trip use the convenient flap to keep your home-away-from-home tidy.

Q: How many times did you use your Eureka N!ergy 1310 tent during the test period?
A: I used the tent during a camping trip, and the Power Pak during a football tailgating party to power the fan that kept us cool in the hot Florida sun. 

Q: What is the single best feature of the Eureka N!ergy tent?
A: The ability to power up your gadgets is extremely helpful while camping in the wilderness.

Q: Was it easy to set up the tent?
A:  Setting up the tent was simple once I staked it down.

Q: Was the power fan/light and 12-volt PowerPak useful? Did the fan generate enough cool air?
A: The power fan/light and 12-volt E! Power Pak were both very useful. The fan's highest speed seemed to do the trick and cooled me off. The light worked well, although you would need to sit relatively close if you plan to read in the dark.

Q: Do you believe these would be useful items to have on a camping trip?
A: The fan would be useful during the warmer season and the Power Pak is great to power electronics or for charging your cell phone while out in the wilderness. The tent is very useful and provides a lot more comfort than other tents I've used in the past.

Q: Would you recommend the Eureka N!ergy 1310 tent to a fellow camper? Why?
A: I would recommend the tent and Power Pak to anyone who has kids or is going camping in very hot conditions. The breeze from the fan makes the experience much more enjoyable and a light to read or play games with makes the experience a lot more fun.

Additional Comments
The tent is a great all-round standard tent that is easy to set up and it allows you to bring some of those little comforts from home to the great outdoors.

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