Create the Perfect Space for Backyard Camping

The air is still?cool and the days are still short, which sometimes hinders those hankerings to take the family on a?camping trip. But camping challenges us to leave the comforts of our home in exchange for tents, cabins, memories of cheesy camp songs, grilled cheese sandwiches and s'mores.?

So if you don't have the time to leave your house or if you're nervous about taking your kids on their first, full-on winter camping trip, backyard camping?at this time or year can be a great way to acclimate them?to?the outdoor lifestyle you love so much.?

Bring the campground to your backyard with these tips:

Pay Attention to the Forecast

There is no sense of jeopardizing your family's heath for a night under the stars. Be sure to check the weather forecast and check it twice. Nights below freezing are never ideal for little ones in tents. Hopefully you will come across a mild evening perfect for camping.

To Tent or Tarp?

If you're the proud owner of a tent then you're ahead of the game. Place your tent(s) far enough away from the patio door (won't see glare from the lights inside), but close enough to accessible bathrooms.

If you don't own a tent, get creative with tarp. Canvas tarp is a good material for its thickness and neutral appeal. Using rope or twine, anchor your tarp to a tree or your patio to create your own rendition of a tent. Just make sure you have enough material to enclose your space.

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