CAMPwiches: 5 Sammies You'll Regret Not Trying

Don't call it "just a sandwich." A proper sandwich is a feast that fits in a pocket or daypack.

When you slap together whole grain bread, grainy mustard and slabs of sharp Cheddar cheese, you have real food to eat anywhere. If there's a crisp apple to go with it, it's a complete trail menu. Add an ice-cold Amstel and it's a banquet.

The level of your sandwich depends on many things: Do you make it at home to carry along? In an RV galley equipped with stove and fridge or are you at a tent site with a can of Spam, making sandwiches for a day hike? Will it keep safely in a backpack on a hot day or will it get soggy if you don't eat it at once?

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Use these sandwich tips and recipes to make the perfect campwich.

6 Sandwich Tips

Remember these tips as you slap your first campwich together.

1. Spread a thin layer of soft butter on your bread to keep moist fillings from soaking in.

2. Keep plenty of extra sandwiches in the fridge or cooler to serve cold. To make them into a knife-and-fork meal, dip them in beaten egg and fry over the fire until toasty. 

3. Remember that every sandwich is versatile. For example, fill a bun with ham salad mixed with grated cheese. Keep it cold and eat as is or heat it until cheese melts. To nuke it in your RV microwave, wrap it in waxed paper. To heat it up on the grill or over the fire, wrap it in foil and turn several times until it's evenly heated through.

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4. To jury-rig a panini press, put sandwiches in a heavy, greased skillet and weigh it down with foil-wrapped bricks or flat stones. Cook on one side, remove the bricks, and then flip sandwiches and replace bricks.

5. Plastic sandwich bags are convenient but don't overlook old-fashioned, degrade-able paper. When you wrap a sandwich in a square of wax paper, it opens to form a lap cover that you can use later as a fire starter.

6. To identify different sandwiches for family diets cut mom's on the diagonal, dad's top to bottom, sister's in four squares and Buster's in four triangles. 

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