Campfire Starters That Never Fail

What's a camping trip without s'mores, smoked hot dogs, and long evening chats? Well, none of those are possible without a campfire. Don't leave for your next outting without these campfire starters that outdoors enthusiasts have been using for years.

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Building The Fire

The most popular building style is a teepee. Simply place some crumpled newspaper in the center of the campfire pit and surround it with kindling and logs in a teepee shape.

The other popular building style is crisscross. Place crumpled newspaper in the center of the campfire pit and in a crisscross format layer the kindling. Finish with a few small logs on top, and simply add more logs as needed. The crisscross style campfire is easy to maintain for longer periods, whereas the teepee style is better for cooking as it provides a central and fast burning heat source.

Submitted By: Albert Lara

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Campfire Starters in Nature

While hiking, my kids and I pick up fallen pine cones and bring them home. We then coat the pine cones with leftover candles by melting the wax in a small pot on the stove and dipping the pine cones in the wax. We then set them on wax paper to dry. These pine cones smell great and are a great way to start a campfire.

Submitted By: Sarah Zellmer

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DIY Campfire Starters: Wax and...

Wax and Lint

Spread lint onto a cooking sheet and pour melted wax on the lint. When it dries out, cut or slice into square pieces and use them as fire starters for your next campfire. They burn for hours.

Submitted By: Sue Nelson

Wax and Sawdust

I have come up with a fire starter that works every time and can be stored in your camp box for years if needed. Go to your local cabinet shop and ask for a coffee can full of saw dust from under their table. When it's time to go camping, melt a cube of wax and pour over the saw dust. Once mixed, press the mixture into egg cartons. Make sure the mixture is pressed firmly in to each egg holder and as full as possible. Let it cool and cut the individual egg holders. Each fire starter will burn for a good 10 minutes and only requires one match to light.

Submitted By: Steve Terry

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