Activities for Spring

10 Activities for Spring

Dust off your winter blues with these ways to celebrate spring.

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Sign Up for a Race

Start the season off right: Whether it's your first 5K or your 10th triathlon, commit to being fit this spring.
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Choose a Training Plan whitewater rafting

Have Fun With Snowmelt

When snow melts, rivers rise and there is no better way to enjoy the rapids than with these whitewater adventures. Read More»


Take a Hike

One of the best ways to get in shape during the spring is to head outside on a hike. Consider these tips when training, packing and fueling. Read More»

Reserve America

Go Camping

Breathe fresh air, sleep under the stars, and let nature be your destination. Reserve a Campsite»

national parks

Visit a National Park

Plan your trip today with these tips on what trails to wander, and where to eat and sleep, at some of America's favorite outdoor destinations. Read More»

mountain biking

Go Mountain Biking in Utah

The navel of the mountain biking universe may be somewhere near the slick rock playground of Moab, but here are nine other reasons to bring your bike to Utah. Read More»


Try Expedition Kayaking

Experience the world on more intimate terms and head out for a multi-day trip on the water. Here's How»

Photo by Sean Neilson rock climbing

Climb Real Rock

It's time to take your gym skills outside but indoor climbing doesn't always prepare you for the mental and physical stresses of outdoor climbing. Follow these tips when heading outdoors. Read More»

family vacations

Plan a Summer Trip for the Family

Sail Grecian waters, pilot a torpedo, track spider monkeys in Nicaragua, and seven more out-of-the-box guided adventures. Read More»

trail running

Take Up Trail Running

Trail running makes demands on a wider range of muscles than road running, without the repetition injuries of pounding pavement. Read More»

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